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Raw Chip Board

What are Raw Chip Board / Particle Board?

A raw chip board (otherwise known as particle board) is an engineered wood product synthetically manufactured by compressing sawdust, sawmill and wood chips. An artificial resin is used as a binder and is pressed then extruded together with the wood materials. The end product is more uniform and has a higher density than solid or plywood. It is mainly used in instances where the cost efficiency is more important than the aesthetics of the product.

Raw Chipboard Suppliers

We at Davidson's Discount Boards pride ourselves in offering you an assortment of raw chipboard varieties from quality suppliers, including the Bison Supreme and Dura V ranges from Bisonbord, as well as the Novocommercial and Novogold ranges from Sonae Novobord.

Raw Chip Prices

Due to their cost-effectiveness, raw chipboards are a popular choice for many fitment projects including kitchen, cupboards, office, closets and shelving just to name a few. Many home and business owners are opting to use raw chipboards/particle board instead of solid wood boards. With a foil or veneer covering, these raw boards will have the same high-quality appearance, but not the hefty price tag.

Allow us to assist you in choosing the right raw chip for your application, feel free to contact us.

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