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MelaWood® is PG Bison’s leading brand of melamine faced board. Our range of trend setting designs and finishes are globally inspired and carefully selected to meet your needs, right here at home.


A special anti-bacterial additive is blended into our locally manufactured melamine resin, destroying bacteria, that may come to rest on the surface of the MelaWood®, within hours. This additional built-in protective layer makes MelaWood® Anti-Bacterial the perfect solution for hygiene-sensitive, high-traffic areas where cleanliness alone is insufficient, such as healthcare facilities, office spaces, schools, restaurants, retail and even at home.


How it’s made

MelaWood® is made by bonding melamine-impregnated décor paper to both surfaces of our top-quality board using heat and pressure. This one-shot process creates a closed, durable, scratch and moisture resistant surface that is easy to clean.


MelaWood®’s exposed edges must be properly edged using a suitable glue and edging material to give the board the best possible protection in areas where there is a chance of it being exposed to moisture.


MelaWood® is locally manufactured by PG Bison, so you can work in confidence knowing product is readily available and technical back-up is just a call away.


Using MelaWood®

Ideal for medium duty vertical and light horizontal applications, such as freestanding and built-in cupboards, door and drawer frontals, carcasses and shelving, wall cladding and interior building elements, MelaWood® is perfect for kitchens, offices and shops.


We offer MelaWood® in a wide range of designs in combination with our various finishes to suit every application and design.


To make your choice a little easier we recommend the surface finish we think best showcases each design. Contact your stockist if you have a particular request outside of these recommendations.


MelaWood® is available in five fashionable surface finishes:


  • Fusion - a natural, veneer look

  • Linear - a strong textured, straight wood grain

  • Natural Touch - a velvety matt

  • Peen - a textured, stipple effect

  • Strata – a modern matt with less sheen

Other decorative products available from PG Bison include:


  • MelaWood® SupaGloss™: A high-end, desirable and hard-wearing, UV hardened gloss

  • MelaWood® SupaMatt™: A luxurious and sophisticated, silky-smooth anti-fingerprint matt

  • MelaWood® SupaTexture™: A deeper grain structure for a more authentic feel

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