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What are Plywood Boards?

Plywood Boards is a composite timber material manufactured by laying sheets of veneer on top of one another. The grains are aligned at a 90-degree angle to increase durability and strength. The method of laying the sheets is called cross graining. Plywood falls in the same category of engineered wood as chipboard panels and MDF panels.

The structural integrity of these boards is fairly high. The veneer sheets have reduced tendencies to split when nailed at the edges. Furthermore, they are not prone to shrink or expand under different weather conditions, therefore, will no easily warp. The improved dimensional stability is also partly contributed by laying an odd number of sheets in order to keep balance across whichever directions.

Plywood Suppliers

Davidson's Discount Boards offer a large variety of plywood categories, including softwood, hardwood, tropical, aircraft, decorative, flexible, and marine just to give a few examples. We at Davidson's Discount Boards offer a quality guarantee for the integrity and standards of our products.

Allow us to assist you in choosing the right boards for your application, feel free to contact us.

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