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What are Wood Laminates?

Laminated Wooden Boards is an engineered wood product manufactured using thin sheets of wood veneer or substrates. They are layered into timber panels with a layer of plastic protective panels on at least one side.

Laminated Wood Uses

Similar to the more commonly used plywood, laminated wood boards are available in different forms such as laminate panels and have a variety of different uses. These include flooring boards, walls, packaging boxes, internal of motor vehicles, roofs and many more. However, it differs from plywood in that these boards are more resilient to moisture, chemicals, damaging weather conditions and impact. Additionally, it is more ductile, therefore have better resistance to shattering in the cold.

In order to gain more strength and stability, the individual veneer sheets are glued together at an angle of 90 degrees between the grains. This reinforces the structural integrity of the timber, making it more robust.

Wood Laminates Suppliers

Davidson's Discount Boards supply laminate wood boards in a variety of plastic protective layers made from different compositions. These differ in strength, colour, texture and thickness. This ensures that we have the right product for whichever application you deem necessary.

Allow us to assist you in choosing the right wood laminates for your application, feel free to contact us.

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