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0.4MM Edging

We here at Davidsons boards offer quality 0.4 mm edging.

0.4MM Edging Products

Our edging products will add sophistication to your retail or office space as well as beautifully refine your kitchen. We supply a vast range of 0.4mm edging products in different materials and colours that will suit all your furnishing needs.

With our 0.4 mm Edging, kitchen cube edging and bedroom cube edging the design possibilities are endless and gives you an easy opportunity to revamp any room you desire. Fit a set of 0.4mm Edging to your original cupboards to create an instant new look.

Adding 0.4 mm edging to your space will instantly add character and style to your rooms over all look.

Our 0.4mm quality edging will expand any room’s aesthetics leaving you with a new, polished look that is easy to change and update whenever you feel the need. After installation of your 0.4mm edging your cupboards and space will have a luxurious new lease on life.

Range of 0.4MM edging

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