About Us

Davidson’s Boards is a division of the KayDav Group, a leader in the field of panel board distribution and adding of value to wooden board panels in South Africa. We pride ourselves on providing efficient service whilst operating within a framework which enables management to measure and improve all aspects of our business. The Group works closely with both local and foreign panel board manufacturers to ensure that our value offering includes quality product at highly competitive prices. Engrained in the culture of the organization is the importance of customer sovereignty.

What this means for you:

By investing in the most up to date technology and continuously training our staff we have deservedly earned our reputation for being leaders in the field of value add. The KayDav Group provides one stop shopping for all users of wooden panel products. Whether requirements include cutting, edging, routering, laminating or veneering, our clients in the kitchen, furniture manufacturing and shopfitting industries make use of our value offering to improve their businesses.

Our goal is to successfully continue to serve our customers’ needs and thereby grow our market share of the South African Board panel market in a responsible and sustainable manner.