2750 × 1830 × 16

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Davidson Discount Boards offer you a wide range of Chipboards including the Chipboard Bison W/P V313 2750 x 1830 x 16

Chipboard Bison W/P is well known in South Africa and globally for its good density and consistency. Chipboard Bison W/P are created from wood chips and shavings and bonded with resin.

We offer the following 16mm Chipboards:

  • 2750 x 1830 x 16
  • 3660 x 1830 x 16
  • 2750 x 1830 x 16
  • 3660 x 1830 x 16
  • 1830 x 1830 x 16

If you would like more information on this product or would just like some friendly DIY advice, please contact us and one of our Davidson Discount Boards team members will be in touch.


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