2750 × 1830 × 16

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Davidsons Discount Boards offer you a wide range of Chipboards 16mm. Chipboard Bison 16mm has an even surface and is mainly used for painting, shop-fitting, manufacturing of kitchen cupboards and in the office furniture industry amongst many other industries.

Chipboard Bison is cheaper than plywood and denser making it more stable and somewhat easier to use.

We offer 16mm Chipboard in the following options:

  • 2750 x 1830 x 16
  • 3660 x 1830 x 16
  • 2750 x 1830 x 16
  • 3660 x 1830 x 16
  • 1830 x 1830 x 16

If you have any enquiries regarding our Chipboard Bison 16mm or any of our other products, please contact us today and one of our friendly and dedicated team members will get in touch.


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