Power Tools

Makita is a brand leader in South Africa’s power tools market. Their reputation is built on their commitment to offering premium quality, durable power tools at an affordable price. Their approach towards new technology and service back-up is why they’re trusted as a leading power tools brand.

With 100 years of experience in the industry Makita power tools are the superior choice. Always at the cutting edge of innovation and engineering, Makita guarantees performance from its premium-quality power tools.

Every component in Makita’s power tools range is made from the best quality raw materials. 19 total quality checks, including electrical resistance, surge durability and mechanical efficiency ensure that every Makita power tool motor is tested rigorously before being fitted. For this reason, Makita products are known to have the most durable and long-lasting motors of any power tools in the business.

Makita’s collection of power tools offers lightweight, operational and powerful industrial or DIY solutions. They’re compact, functional and efficient and are the preferred power tools used by professional traders, the world over. Choose from our selection of tools and give yourself the Makita advantage today.

Our Power Tools collection: